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Bill Israel

Although that scene was cut from James Cameron's Titanic, that same scene was in "A Night to Remember", with David McCallum as one of the operators.

Like many disasters, the sinking of the Titanic was a multitude of events that came together at the exact wrong time. Walter Lord's books on the sinking and the subsequent investigation (which the original movie "a Night.." was based on, and, "Titanic", which had the subplots of the love story tossed in) give the sequence of missed opportunities to avoid the disaster.

If the wind were not dead calm the berg would have been more visible,
If the ship's rudder were larger the ship could have turned in time.
If the rivets were made of steel they would not have failed.
If the ship hit the berg head on only a few comparments would have flooded.
If, if, if...

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