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Anthony D. Pisciotta

Dear Mr Kaufman,
I saw your post about Bayside Cemetery on the CAJAC facebook page. I was the person in the story on WPIX (WABC-TV and the Queens Chronicle also ran stories) I came upon the Jacobs Crypt (which was shown on TV) on July 3 2011 when me and my son went out to Bayside to do some clean-up work on our own. When my son found it I thought the same as you that it was new vandlisim. But when I went home I found photos online from last september that showed the plywood in the same exact position as my photos so it has been this way from at least septemeber. I was told later by workers at Acacia that the Jacobs crypt had been this way "for a long time" .
I do agree however that Bayside continues to be a target for vandals and there is still acts taking place.
I also think the synogouge is misleading people by saying that they didnt know since they have had a paid contractor doing large amounts of work at Bayside. Think of it , If you were paying someone what has to amount to 10s of thousands of dollars to do work for you over the course of months, wouldnt you go and take I look to see if they are doing there job? Dont you think they would have seen the Jacobs crypt? It is not hidden, its clearly visible from the street. The landscapers all knew about it, dont you think they at least told there boss?
I commend you for volunteering and I know that you care about this place as do I. I think Bayside is in much better condition than it was because of people like you.
I was mis quoted by the reporter, I did not just stumble on Bayside, I have know about it for over 20 years and have writen many letters about it trying to get it corrected. I Just have gotten tired of watching it and want to do something to help correct it. I dont care about the politics or lawsuits or any of that. These are PEOPLES LOVED ONES!!! and need to be treated like PEOPLE!!!
If I can help you in any way please let me know.

Most respectfully,
Anthony D. Pisciotta

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