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Well, she just won re-election against a person who was even less distinguished.


Millman proposed legislation that already exists? Classic Millman. I don't know if anyone in running against her, but I'm ready to pull that lever.


They better pray they don't get ticketed! Good for you! I am so tired of people parking in the bike lanes. You've inspired me to be a little more pro-active.

Quinn Raymond

Good citizen journalism.

Peggy Puskus

Thanks for sticking with this story and exposing such injustice. Someone should sue and take this all the way to the Supreme Court!


My rule is 2 posts 2 replies, so this will be the end of this thread, but thanks..I got an 'A' in rhetoric.


Brilliant rhetoric! My dad's dead but I'll be sure to remember that you're wearing his panties.


Those panties are your dad's.


You are such a drama queen loser with your parking histrionics. Give it up and pull the panties out of your ass.

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