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Interrobang is definitely an Internet-age word. Reading up, I don't think that's a real symbol.

I guess, that in Spanish, it's more acceptable to have multiple punctuation marks at the end of a sentence. But I'm no Spanish expert.


Oh, and btw, that question mark/exclamation mark thingy is apparently called an interrobang and i didn't even know such a thing existed ‽ ‽ ‽ ‽ ‽


aha - my apologies - I now realise that it was an idiot's guide to the use of commas... due to the line break I had missed the missing comma in the second example.

The one that I hate is the incorrect use of "I" instead of "me" as in "Can you reply directly to David and I?" - argghhh

My rule, and not 100% sure if it's correct is that you should be able to take either person out of the conversation and it still makes sense...

Clearly, "Can you reply directly to I?" is wrong so it should have been "Can you reply directly to David and me?"

Or I may be totally wrong on that one!!!


Let's say I have $100, I leave to my kids in my will.

If the will states "Alice, Bob, and Mary", each get 1/3.

If it is "Alice, Bob and Mary", Alice gets half, and Bob and Mary split the other half.

As for the single/double quotes, the rule I try to abide by is double-quotes are for direct quotations, and single-quotes for 'as people say' sort of things, if that makes any sense.


Hey PBK - I care about that bloke and his two birds too but can't see any difference in your two examples!

and if I'm being a real stickler - shouldn't you have stuck to double or single quotes throughout instead of mixing? ;-)

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