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Yes, I agree. Now we'll never know exactly what led to this, but this is what I'll posit:

For whatever reason, the station didn't get the 'official' Service Advisories. There's a token clerk at that entrance, and if he/she didn't post anything, it would result in a lot of people bothering him/her all day - going downstairs, and coming back angry.

So, the agent posts a sign at the entrance to the turnstiles. But posting a sing up-top would mean that they'd have to walk up 25 stairs, and then back down, so f*ck it, let the passengers do that.

Now of course, perhaps the diligent agent has posted a sign upstairs 5 times, only to have miscreants rip it down, but I doubt it.

As Toots Shor famously said, "the race isn't always to the swift, the fight isn't always to the strong, but that's the way to bet."


It is very upsetting how the MTA in particular seems to operate under the adage, "That's not my job" to shirk responsibilities. Demoralized employees decrease work ethic and create situations like these. If there were only a way to fix the infrastructure of the MTA that didn't require trains full of money...

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