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Tom Finn

That whole era 1965-1968 was magical indeed, although it was well into the age of the amateur. Meaning; artists could record everything on a separate track and thus began overdubbing. This meant everybody could keep singing or playing until they finally got an acceptable version of their performance. In 1966 there were plenty of good musicians around mainly because they were raised as legitimate musicians. However, as the years passed you would see producers sitting behind the window saying "C'mon, let's try one more take." All of this started in the late 50's, with the teen idols like, the Frankie's, Bobby's, Jimmy's and Billy's, etc. "Walk Away Renee" was a legitimate session, the basic track (including strings) was recorded in a three hour session. The flute solo and all the vocals were done the following week at an overdub session. Not that the vocals needed to be done over and over, to the contrary, they were done in a few takes. However we did double the backing vocals, to give the chorus a bigger sound. Tom Finn

Tom (Feher) Fair

If you knew the true story of the Left Banke in all its details you wouldn't be clamoring for fictionalized accounts. It could easily be made into a Times bestseller or major film release - romance included.


boo - i liked the romance story better!!

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