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Bayside Watcher

Great posting. With regards to one comment above, when a burial society or anyone for that matter "buys" a burial plot, it is not a real estate transaction. You don't actually buy the land. Rather you buy the right to use the land for a burial. Only a burial and nothing else. So it is not correct to imply that because the burial societies dissolved or became defunct that Congregation Shaare Zedek has no responsibilities to Bayside Cemetery. The congregation is the 100% owner of the cemetery. They own every inch of the place and therefore they are responsible for the care and upkeep of every inch of the place. Furthermore they have throughout the years (including as recently as a few yeas ago) been selling Perpetual Care Contracts for the perpetual care and upkeep of the plots for which they were paid by people either preparing for their deaths or relatives of those who have died. It is an important concept to understand that the congregation owns the cemetery and that is well established in law and real estate records. And they have been paid over the years to care for the cemetery. And they have also admitted to illegally misappopriating the cemetery's money. All of that is on the record.


A real coincidence. Spooky! :)


He is not making it up...Moshe Billet told me the same story at work.


Wow - now that is a real coincidence or probably a perfect example of serendipity...

or are you just making it up because it makes for great reading! ;-)

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