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Blowing up congress? That's not what the Peruvian Times says. It states, "She was charged with helping plan a thwarted takeover of Peru’s Congress" The url also has her full statement to court today

Peru's Truth and Reconciliation Commission determined that the group was responsible for 1.5% of the deaths investigated and stated that while MRTA did assassinate and kidnap officials, " it abstained from attacking the unarmed population" ( I'm still not a fan of their tactics. I just wish that when governments like those in Washington or in Peru, commit mass-murder, torture, and detention without trial, I just wish the world, including media were equally vocal and explicit in those cases too..that is sadly not the case.


The catalog of girls whom you've dated never ceases to amaze me. Good job Peter! Greetings from Peru by the way. :)

Axl Rosenberg

Wow, I've dated a lot of crazy chicks, and even some in jail, but a real live terrorist? You've trumped me, good sir.


That'll do it.


I'm not sure. She asked me how I liked the dress she was wearing. I said it made her ass look fat.

Just kidding, people!

Zoe Barracano

What did you do to turn her into a terrorist?

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