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I don't understand how scientific theories have are judged conservative vs liberal. Science is pretty nonpolitical.

Don Pickard

It's pretty twisted stuff. This artical ("Science") seems to have a goal of convincing the reader of a strong link between Christianity and Science. They depend on being very specific in their sources and references.


in 2006, new images of the Bullet Cluster from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory pretty much proved that dark matter exists (see also ). This was really exciting for me because I took an astronomy class in fall 2005 in which the professor mentioned the possibility of modified Newtonian dynamics instead of dark matter, and then the issue was settled to every sane person's satisfaction half a year after class ended. By now, it's 2010, and everyone who wants to know should be aware of why cosmologists believe in dark matter.


25 percent of the universe? That dark matter don't know its place, do it? Damn librul science media needs to stick to conservative principles and close the borders. Take the elements, for instance. We all know they're fire, air, water and dirt. Damn libruls had to let in all these illegals to pad the list to -- what? -- 116 now?


I don't get it. If the alternate theory proves to explain more won't we just adopt that? How does that being right discredit liberals? What does it have to do with Political points of view at all!?

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