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This is my first visit to this site via a link in Brownstoner. I was enthused by the fact that the author stood up against people blocking the bike lane. However scrolling down, I find an incredibly biased story here. The writer of this blog seems to care more about correct grammar than facts. While I believe in strict punishment for violent crimes, I agree with Huckabee's explanation (quoted via The Washington Post below) of why he commuted the sentence. Has Ink Lake ever spent time in the deep south and experienced the "justice" system there? Don't think I'll be traveling back to this site again. I can just check out a grammar book from the library and get a fair treatment of news stories elsewhere.

"On Tuesday, Huckabee defended his decision to commute Clemmons' sentence during a call to "The Joe Scarborough Show" on 77 WABC radio in New York. If his critics had been there in the governor's mansion, Huckabee said, "They would have seen a 16-year-old kid commit crimes of which normally, there would have been a few years. And if he'd been white and middle-class with a good lawyer he'd have gotten probation, a fine and some counseling. But because he was a young black kid, he got 108 years!" "

Washington Post

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