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Thanks! but it's all him. All we did was give him a ride.

Zoe Barracano

Higgs is great!


Agreed re rules for animals. Less rules/test for animals, more for having kids.


Cute cat... We lived for years on University Campus' and when we wanted a cat we opened our door and the first one that came in was our new cat (we got Monsieur Bob and Wilbur Wildcat that way.)

We now live in the exurbs and when we want a cat we open the door and first one that comes in is our new cat (we got JP Rockenheimer that way.) It never ceases to amaze me the control people want to put over adopting pets. It isn't like they are scarce commodity they are everywhere.

I like cats as companions, although to be fair my wife mostly deals with the biological side of them. I mainly skim the cream of human cat interaction.

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