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It seems dentists in my small town are telling the same white lies:

1) A few years ago my dentist said that I had 3 cavities, all located in the same area. The hygienist had said a year earlier that it was possible that one small cavity was forming and to watch it. When I returned and heard that I had three I was in a bit of disbelief. In fact, I decided to take the xrays to another dentist for a second opinion. Verdict? One cavity.

2) When I took my daughters to get their baby teeth cleaned, the hygienist said that although my oldest had two small black dots on the lower baby molars (which had always been there and never changed) she checked them thoroughly and said that they didn't need filling. She explained that they were hard and normal for some baby teeth. The dentist came in, said, "fill up those 4", wrote down which ones, and left. I looked at the hygienist, questioning, and she looked away, realizing that she should have said nothing to me. So, even if the two needed filling, he decided 4 would be a bit more profitable.

So, as you can imagine, I really don't believe a thing any dentist tells me.

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